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Wiki offers Project Knowledge Management Solutions

Wiki solutions for project management
Ephraim Schwartz, a contributor to InfoWorld, wrote today about the pros and cons of using wikis for project management. Knowledge management can be difficult, especially when it comes to projects. It is helpful to have many options for possible system changes. Wiki implementations have been too dependent on trusting humans to dot their I’s and cross their T’s. Let’s instead try to make the system exactly what we want. This reminds of a comment I left last week on the Inquries into Alignment website. “Manage the water with the fish in your mind.” You’ll need to read the blog post to understand!
I find the problem of outdated content to be particularly problematic. Let me try to offer some solutions. To overcome this, Wiki software packages must have some basic functionality.
Each new item requires a primary and second content owner, with access via LDAP. IT should not be responsible for organizing content. Content owners should do so. One of these roles could be filled by the project manager, business analyst or team leader. Administrators must be able to re-assign wiki ownership to employees who leave for any reason. This is also useful when phasing in a project. All content owners will need to be transferred to someone in operations when this happens.
Revision frequency must be captured in the required field for wiki items. It should be a multiple-choice query with only a few answers. However, frequency options can vary from one industry to the next. There are three options: one month, three months, and six months. This functionality will send an email to content owners at the specified frequency. If they fail to validate the content within two weeks, the content is taken offline and placed in a hidden archive state. It can be reactivated from the archive if needed, but content owners who fail to maintain a high level of knowledge management can be flagged as people IT may not trust to be content owners in future. You can either keep the archive content for an indefinite period say a year, or you can delete it.
This simple functionality allows us to maintain a wiki’s relevance by using a systematic way. This functionality doesn’t need to be limited to a Wiki. This functionality could be used by any content management system, whether it is for project management or not.

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