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Transformation from Project Leader to Project Manager

Transformation from Project Leader to Project Manager

Although the terms “Project Leader” and “Project Manager” may sound similar, their responsibilities are vastly different. The project leader is responsible for leading a team through the process and has the vision to deliver the project. This is done by leading a group of people and unifying their vision. The project manager, on the other side, is responsible for each phase and task of the project and ensures that they run smoothly so that the final result is achieved without any problems.
Sound the same? Let’s see how they differ, so it is clear how one can go from project leader to project manager. Let’s take PRINCE2 Project management as an example.
Project Leader Vs Project Manager
Project leaders are focused on the long-term. He creates a larger picture of his vision and continually challenges it. He encourages people to try new techniques and ideas and leads them in achieving their vision. He is very democratic and focuses on the people involved. Project leaders generally set policies that are beneficial to all. They instill trust in the team and allow for flexibility while still ensuring that they follow established guidelines. They are more focused on risk and create plans that are central for the selling of products and other allied duties.
The project manager, however, is more focused on things that are completely different from the project leaders. They are more focused on the short-term and set goals and objectives, rather than having a long-term vision. They work hard to determine how they can sell a product. They are more concerned with their organizations and how they can achieve their overall goals. Their role is less democratic than that of a project leader. They conform to established standards and do not challenge them. They often copy the success of other projects. They are skilled in administration and promote consistency over flexibility. They are more concerned about avoiding risk and prefer to have control over their team. These responsibilities are taught in most Prince 2 course management.
Transforming from Project Leaders into Project Managers
It may come to a point where a project manager must assume the role of project leader. The Prince 2 project management training makes the transition easier. To make the process of transformation simple, you can follow these steps if a situation arises where a project leader insists on becoming a manager.
To achieve your overall goals, you must learn how to make the most of your resources.

Monitoring and managing each member of the team. The PM should place importance on the planning and execution of team members’ tasks by being with them, rather than leading from the front.

Instead of being a mentor, improve the organization skills of the team.

Instead of trying to invent new ideas, learn how to adapt the best existing procedures.

To be an expert in finding the best solutions to new challenges.

Instead of thinking like a visionary, be a strategist.

Facilitating the team so it can achieve its goals in the most efficient way.

A leader who is able to change the world can be an effective manager.
Happy Transformation
Prince 2 project management is a challenging but rewarding job. Many people want to manage projects and make them successful. Capable people are not only gre

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