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These are the 5 Secrets to a long-lasting relationship with your team

Do you remember how awkward and difficult it was to break up with your partner? You stand still, your hands in your pockets, trying to find the right words. You wish that things would have gone according to plan, and that the effort and time spent building the relationship wouldn’t be lost in the shuffle of your mind.
This frustration can be just the same in a professional setting. It is a common problem for many small businesses and startups to let their employees go. Not only is it stressful, but it can also lead to emotional tension. It can also be costly and time-consuming to find and train the next replacement.
You want to ensure that your team is successful and you are a good project leader. You want everyone to be happy working together, regardless of their differences.
You want the project to succeed with the people you have built relationships with.
This is how you can build and sustain long-lasting relationships with your employees. What can you do for everyone to feel at home working with you?
Many would agree that professionalism and neutrality are the best way to go. However, it is equally important to have healthy and productive relationships with your coworkers if you want your business to succeed. It’s easier to have fun at work, receive ideas and suggestions better, and everyone can be as creative as they are innovative.
Let’s look at five secrets for a long-lasting relationship and how to build these relationships as you work together to grow your business and product.
If you want to build strong relationships with your team, a light and happy work environment is the best. A good sense of humor is a great way to encourage this.
Laughter has been considered the “best medicine” in life, with many benefits for the mind and heart. Its social benefits are even more interesting, and they affect us in two different ways.
Laughter can trigger positive emotions and foster emotional connections. This strengthens our relationships with those around us.
Laughter allows us to forgive others and let go of our resentments, disagreements and other negative feelings.
It is only natural that laughter and fun thrive in the team. This allows everyone to enjoy the day, relax, and communicate freely with one another.
At work:
You can share a funny story, tell a joke, or watch a hilarious YouTube clip with your team. Anyone up for table tennis?
Trust is essential in any relationship, regardless of whether it’s with a colleague or a family member. A lack of trust in your boss or your team can lead to conflict, argument, and disappointment in the workplace.
Honesty is a key component of trust. Honesty is being open in all you do and say, even if that means speaking up or going against the majority.
Although there will be friction, it keeps you and your team from harboring animosity towards each other. Your team will be more open to talking to you and sharing their concerns with you, allowing you to avoid critical problems from affecting the project’s progress.
At work:
Invite your team members to participate in meetings. Each person’s suggestions should be noted down, either on a whiteboard so everyone can see them or in a note you can share with others.
A listening ear
It is even more important to show your team that you are a leader who listens and respects their opinions.
We often assert ourselves by speaking before the other person, which leaves him less inclined to take part and less willing to work with the team.
Listen attentively

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