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The Best Project Management Software For Architects

Some of the most famous and important projects in modern history are architectural in nature, such as the One World Trade Center, Petronas Twin Towers, Burj Khlifa, and the Petronas Twin Towers.
Imagine the coordination, planning, and execution required to make these projects a success.
Take a different perspective and think about all the architectural failures that have become monuments of failure for decades.
Software for project management is designed to help businesses of all sizes, including architecture, avoid failure and ensure success.

It would be a great fit if there were a project management software that was both intuitive and fully functional. This software is specifically designed for architects and architectural firms and excels in areas like document management, collaboration and accessibility.
This is where our search for the best architect project management software begins.
The search for the best architect project management software
I started by looking at Quora. However, the results were either out of date or a promotion of their project management software.
Next, I visited Archinect’s forum, where another person was looking for the exact same information as I was.
“I found one or two (project-management) programs that were specifically designed for Architectural offices, but they weren’t very good,” adelz wrote in their query.

The search continues…
I asked a friend of mine an architect who works for a small firm in Baltimore about the materials they use. Her answer was a repeat of what I had heard.
My friend said, “None of my firms have ever used any project management software. The firms range in size and project types specialty.”
She also stated that her company would be a good candidate to use project management software because they have many projects at once.
“We haven’t found project management software that meets enough requirements to be implemented as a standard… We’re always looking, but nothing fits.”
My friend shared that her company tried using a combination Deltek Ajera to manage time, Newforma to track email and project progress, and Microsoft Excel for filling in the gaps.
The question is, which project management software is best for architects?
Software for architecture vs. software for project management
Software tools are already available for the architecture industry that are specifically tailored to run a firm.
There is a big difference between project management software and architecture software.
Software for architecture, such as AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp, is very popular. It features computer-aided design (CAD), and building information modeling(BIM) tools that allow architects to visualize, plan, and design complex physical structures, from the preconstruction phase through to the demolition.
Software for project management, such as Asana, JIRA and Microsoft Project, helps teams collaborate, manage their resources, and monitor their budgets and schedules.
As you can see, project management software and architecture software are fundamentally different. You can think of project management software and architecture software as a drafting board.
You wouldn’t want your daily planner to include blueprints, and you wouldn’t want important dates to be kept on your drafting board. Therefore, you will need to purchase two products if you want both project management and architecture software.
Some project management software is better suited to the needs of architects firms. However, some architecture software does include lightweight project management tools.
The best project management tools

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