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Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Cheat Sheet – Blog

Are you ready for a quick revision for your Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator exam? Relax, we have everything you need for passing the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam. The Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator Cheat Sheet will provide you with all the necessary resources and tools. This cheat sheet will also serve as your information capsules and help bridge the gap to your highly-valued certification. It is not easy to revise for an exam. It is important to be consistent and stay on the right path. Let’s start with the exam details, then we’ll dive into your study strategy.
Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin: Exam Overview
The final step to obtaining the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certificate is the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam. The Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator exam assesses a candidate’s ability to manage various components of Splunk daily, including the health and safety of the Splunk installations. Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin also serves as prerequisite for the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect or Splunk Certified Developer certification tracks.
Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator is the job role
ASplunk Enterprise Certified Administrator manages various components of Splunk Enterprise daily, including license management and indexers and search head configuration, monitoring, and data entry into Splunk. This certification also demonstrates the individual’s ability support the day to day administration and health of a Splunk Enterprise environment.
Learning Path
All candidates who are looking to become Splunk Enterprise Certified Architects or Splunk Certified Developers must have completed the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin prerequisite certification.
Source: SplunkSplunk Enterprise Certified Admin Cheat Sheet
This cheat sheet will give you a clear overview of the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam. . This cheat sheet will help you to understand and use the resources.
Exam Objectives
Before you embark on any adventure, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you are getting yourself into. Reviewing each exam objective is an important part of your preparation. To get a clear picture, visit the Official Website of the Exam. Once you have reviewed the basics of the exam, it is time to look at the exam guide. The exam guide serves as a guideline for the exam. The Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator study guide covers 17 domains, namely:
Splunk Admin Basics 5%
First, identify Splunk components (Splunk Refer:Components for a Splunk Enterprise deployment).
License Management 5%
Then, Identify license types (SplunkDocumentation:Types of Splunk software licenses)
Also, Understand license violations (SplunkDocumentation:license violation)
Splunk Configuration Files 5%
Moreover, Describe the Splunk configuration directory structure (SplunkDocumentation:Configuration file directories)
Further, Understand configuration layering (SplunkDocumentation:About configuration files in ITSI)
Subsequently, Understand configuration precedence (SplunkDocumentation:Configuration file precedence)
Then, Use btool to examine configuration settings (SplunkDocumentation:Use btool to troubleshoot configurations)
Splunk Indexes 10%
Additionally, Describe index structure (SplunkDocumentation:Indexes, indexers, and indexer clusters)
List types of index buckets (SplunkDocumentation:Buckets and indexer clusters)
Further, Check index data integrity (SplunkDocumentation:Manage data integrity)
Describe indexes.conf options (SplunkDocumentation:indexes.conf)
Furthermore, Describe the fishbucket (SplunkDocumentation:fishbucket)
Apply a data retention policy (SplunkDocumentation:Set retention policy)
Splunk User Management 5%
Describe user roles in Splunk (SplunkDocumentation:About roles)
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