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Splunk Core Certified User (SPLK-1001 Cheat Sheet – Blog

Splunk certification programs, which are internationally recognized, are designed to certify elite, highly-trained and sought-after workers who have been recognized by peers in the industry as experts in their respective fields. The final step in the Splunk core certified user certification process is the SPLK-1001 exam. You want a study plan that will help you pass this exam. Our Ultimate Cheat Sheet will help you pass this exam. This study guide includes everything you need to get started with your revisions. This guide will give you a quick overview of all the materials that you’ll need in order to pass the exam. It will also be your ticket to your certificate. Let’s begin by reviewing the exam information.
Exam Overview: Splunk Core Certified User
Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud allow Splunk Core Certified Users to search, use fields, create alerts and lookups, as well as produce basic statistical reports. This certification exam assesses the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and use Splunk software. This exam will provide valuable insights that can be used to create the Splunk Core Certified Users blueprint. It includes:
First, Introduction to Splunk’s interface
Secondly, basic searching
Next, use fields in your searches
Further, search fundamentals
Also, Transforming commands
Additionally, creating dashboards and reports
Creating and using lookups is the next step.
Scheduled reports are also available
Alerts are also available
Lastly, Pivot
Exam Prerequisite:
Candidates for the exam should complete the Splunk Fundamentals 1 course. This course includes lectures, hands-on labs and quizzes.
Cheat Sheet for Splunk Core Certified Users
You can increase your self-esteem by getting certified for your talents and knowledge. It also helps you to establish your reputation. Exam preparation is one the most difficult and important tasks. Revision is key to passing exams. You must be consistent and persistent when revising. There are many materials. You will need the right information and equipment to pass the exam. To help you reach your goal of becoming a Splunk Core Certified user, we have created a Splunk Core Certified Users Cheat Sheet.
1. Exam Objectives: Familiarize yourself with them
Download the official guide first. You can download the official guide from Splunk’s website. The Official Splunk Core Certified User Study Guide will give you detailed information about exam topics and course. It serves as a guideline for your exam and is extremely important. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the exam themes before you begin your exam preparations. To better understand the exam course, you can obtain the official handbook. The Splunk Core Certified Users course outline covers the following areas:
1. Splunk Basics 5%
Splunk components (Splunk Documentation:Components of a Splunk Enterprise deployment)
Understand the uses of Splunk (SplunkReference:Using Splunk)
Splunk Apps (Splunk Documentation – Apps and Add-ons)
Splunk Documentation: Customizing user settings: Change user profile settings in SplunkUBA
Basic navigation in Splunk (Splunk Documentation:Navigating Splunk Web)
2. Basic Searching 22%
Basic searches (Splunk Docation:Basic searches, search results)
Set the time range for a search (Splunk documentation:Select time ranges that will apply to your search).
Identify search results (Splunk Documentation – Search history)
Refine searches (Splunk Docation:Write better search queries)
Use the timeline (Splunk documentation:Use this timeline to investigate events).
Splunk Documentation:event – Work with events
Control a search job (Splunk documentation:Manage search jobs).
Save search results

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