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Red Hat Introduces OpenShift Container Platform for AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Red Hat, and Red Hat have made it easier for OpenShift Kubernetes users to move and manage their AWS deployments.
The Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, first announced almost a year ago (ROSA), is now generally accessible. It joins AWS’ growing list of container technologies, including the Amazon Elastic Containers Service(ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service(EKS) and AWS Fargate.
Red Hat announced the release of ROSA. “With ROSA customers can enjoy a more simplified Kubernetes Cluster creation using the familiar Red Hat OpenShift Console, features, and tooling without having to manually scale and manage the underlying infrastructure.” ROSA makes it easier to move Red Hat OpenShift workloads from on-premises to AWS and allows for tighter integration with other AWS services.
ROSA is a fully managed service accessible via AWS Console. Users activate it by clicking on the “Enable OpenShift” button. Customers can use the OpenShift APIs and tools they already know to integrate with AWS solutions in their AWS deployments.
ROSA is a joint offering of AWS and Red Hat. ROSA customers will only receive one bill from AWS. According to the companies this will remove one of the largest burdens of managing OpenShift clusters on cloud, which is wrangling invoices for multiple vendors.
Martin Beeby, AWS principal advocate, stated that this service is jointly managed and supported both by Red Hat and AWS. However, you will only be charged AWS for the bill. “Each AWS service that supports your cluster components or application requirements will be a separate bill line item, just like it is now, but with the addition to your OpenShift subscription.”
Pricing for ROSA is determined based on consumption. There are also options for hourly and annual billing, as well as other options, as explained on this page. You can find more information about ROSA here.

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