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Project Gratitude Management

It’s a good idea to take a deep breath and reflect on how fortunate you are every now and again. How much potential you have. How amazing people are.
For me, now is one of those times.
My Project Teams are Awesome!
Two teams of highly skilled, creative, and all-around amazing people work with me.
I’ve had many conversations with my team members over the past week about how amazing they are doing and how amazing our teams are. We have accomplished so much together. They have executed, executed and executed.
They have brought technology innovations to our company. Things that will make the world a better environment for everyone.
Pure awesomeness.
It can be easy to take your team for granted as a project manager. If you find yourself saying “I did”, you might want to stop. ? The more accurate term is “We did” or “They did”. ?And for individual cases it’s “She did” and “He did”.
I’ve been in meetings where project managers are asked questions like “When will x be delivered?” He replies with something like “I will have it done by [date].”
Baloney. Your team is developing it. ?You (should) be guiding them and removing any obstacles. Get out of their way.
The team does the real work on projects. Remember that. You will be a better project manager if you have a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude for the people you work alongside.
You are Awesome!
I am so lucky that anyone cares about the thoughts that come out of my wild head. That’s a lot of people. I am driven forward by the inspiration I get from you all.
The comments and suggestions you make are great. I also enjoy answering the emails that you send me. You may think that I am only trying to help you but I am actually helping you.
You make me a better project manager, a better writer, a better trainer, and a better coach.

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