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Part 2: The 6 Project Portfolio Management Trends that Have Been Mainstreamed in the 2010’s:

This series will look back at six PPM trends from the 2010’s that have been adopted as best practices in project management. Here are trends 1 through 3.
Moving forward, here are the last three…
4. Productization
Although the 90’s were a decade that saw projects shine, it was only in the 2010’s when products really got their moment. Many organizations switched from project visions (defined as clear scopes, resource requirements, and predetermined beginnings and ends for achieving a desired outcome) towards product visions (creating products or services that solve specific consumer problems over the course of this decade).
This shift to a product focus is immediately logical for the creation of physical goods like cars, computers, and commercial planes. However, it may seem more abstract when it involves services like software and SaaS platforms. Both use product vision thinking to create consistent and standardized solutions to business problems. This is true whether the products are intended for internal or external audiences. Solutions developed by an IT team can be used to serve employees’ needs (or their customers).
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