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Multi-tasking – Unproductiveness Disguised

Multitasking is something we are taught a lot. Multi-tasking is a key skill that can make you stand out in the business world. Many job descriptions and job postings require multi-taskers. Are you a good multi-tasker? You are! You are! Or, who will say, “I can multitask, but it’s a stupid idea.APpeople get distracted and get less done.APdo the most important first, then move on. ”
If they want you multi-tasking, don’t say the first statement. Don’t even say the second. The second one is more logical, and in reality, it’s what most people really want from their employees. They want:
You will be able identify the most important things
Concentrate your efforts on the most important thing
You will be able to kill it and bag it so that you can move on to the most important task.
And all this while being efficient, fast, and without ever being told what’s next
The employee that can do all these things ,Ai that’s the one that will get hired, succeed, move up in the organization and,APin the case of project management,APconsistently deliver success and leadership on the projects they are managing. Let’s talk about these,AP
Do the most important first
Confidence, experience and leadership are essential to be able to sort through the chaos and determine the most important activity. You can take control, delegate the most important task to someone else, or at least get it done.
Multitasking sounds great in theory. There are times when multitasking is necessary. Multitasking can lead to inefficiency, distraction, or other activities that are not completed or left unfinished. It is crucial to ensure that the most important tasks are completed first in order for the project to succeed.
Finish it and move on to the next
It is not enough to identify the most important task. You must also ensure that it gets done, either by yourself or by someone else. It must happen. It must be completed before you can move on to the next task. Follow-up with the team member who was assigned. It’s important to complete it before you move on.
Do it without excessive oversight
Finally, ensure you don’t over-supervise. Although your PMO director or hiring agency may claim they need a multi-tasker to be successful, what they really want is what I have just mentioned. A self-starter,AP. a go-getter.APsomeone who can see the big picture and accomplish it without having to rely on others for guidance. The PM must be able to quickly and efficiently manage the project tasks and issues, and know what next steps should be taken, especially if there are any issues that need to be addressed.
What should you do right now? It’s your choice to do it yourself or have it assigned. If you have delegated it, keep an eye on it and do it right if that’s your PM task. Before we can move on to the next, we must win at the most critical tasks. This is how every day should begin. Start every day by asking yourself: “What is the most important thing I can do for my project right away,APtoday?” Then, move on to the next question.

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