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MS Project 2016 vs Ms Project 2019, what are the differences?’s Top 3 Software RecommendationsLet work for you.Start Free TrialWork smarter with Wrike.Try for FreeIncrease productivity with Smartsheet.Try Smartsheet for FreeMicrosoft Project, developed and sold by Microsoft, is today’s most popular project management software. It provides the tools project managers need to manage successful projects. It is designed to help in the completion projects across many industries, including construction, government, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and financial services. MS Project is a standalone application and is not part the Microsoft Office Suite.
Microsoft Project is available in two editions: the professional and standard editions. The needs of each team will determine which edition you choose. It is widely used today as a PC-based project management tool. It gives project managers many power. These include scheduling meetings and recording progress, following finances, assigning tasks, defining resource, setting goals and devising plans.
Microsoft has already released two versions MS 2016 and MS 2019 of Project. The first version included updates to Project Online and Project Pro for Office 365. It also included Project Professional. It also included some of the most popular capabilities, such as Resource Capacity Planning or Resource Management. After a few years, it was upgraded into Microsoft Project 2019. It still contains some of the same desirable features as its predecessor but has many new features.
Microsoft Project 2016
MS Project 2016 was released, giving project managers the opportunity to use software that helps them reduce the workload. This version offers a variety of new features and improvements that allow teams to be more productive with the tool.
MP 2016 was one of the first tools that made it possible to request resources in a systematic way. Users can request a resource and then lock it to ensure it is available. It is easy to make the request and the manager can approve or deny it. Managers from other projects will be notified if they attempt to overbook a resource that is locked.
Microsoft 2016’s strong point is the ability for the Resource Manager and Project Manager to collaborate. The tool allows the Resource Manager to view all contracts and decide whether or not to approve them. He can also see their resource utilization.
The software also includes the Capacity Heatmaps, which are important tools for managing a team’s resource usage. It features a new set of intuitive reports that allows users to instantly see the team’s resource usage at a glance. The heat map shows how many resources are being used to avoid under-utilization.
Communicating a project plan is an essential responsibility of a project manager. A timeline is a better option than a Gantt Chart. The timeline feature in MS Project 2016 has been enhanced to allow multiple timelines with different start and end dates.
Tell Me is the key to finding specific features. It saves users a lot of time as they only have to click the answer, and Tell Me will do the rest.
Stay with MS 2016 if you,AP
It is easy to become attached to the 2016 version and not want it to be updated to the Microsoft Project 2019. Although there are many differences, users may prefer to keep this version if Project Professional 2013 is being used. This is because the latter version is not compatible. Project Server 2013 to 2019 cannot be upgraded directly, so users will not be able to upgrade.

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