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Is the VCP/DCV worth it?

Enterprise organizations love VMware products and software, so it’s a good idea to choose a career path that focuses on this technology. VMware products are very proprietary. Therefore, any experience other than a basic understanding of the product is not helpful. Companies are looking for IT professionals who have demonstrated expertise in working with VMware equipment. A VMware certification is the best way to do that.
vSphere, VMware’s coveted server virtualization platform, is the crown jewel of VMware technology. The Data Center Virtualization track (DCV) is the most closely linked to vSphere of the four certification paths offered by the company.
What is the VCP – DCV 2020?
VMware’s Professional certification in Data Center Virtualization is the VCP-DCV. There are four levels of VMware certification for each track:
VMware Certified Professional (VCP).
VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP).
VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX).
VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX).

The VCP is the most important certification for anyone who works with VMware technology. The VMware Certified Associate-Digital Business Transformation (VCA) is a lower-level certification. However, this certification has a different focus. Although the VCA-DBT is intended to provide a basic overview about VMware’s products, it is not recommended for anyone in a technical position.
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Start training You have to have a basic understanding of the technology before you can start training.
What is the VCP-DCV 2020 Testing?
All exam blueprints were standardized by VMware according to seven domains. Although all exams follow this structure, the objectives that you will see on the exam vary depending on your certification. Some domains have no testable objectives while others have them. Here are the VCP-DCV objectives you can expect to see:
Section 1: Architecture and Technologies
Section 2: Products and Solutions
Section 3: Planning & Designing
Section 4: Installation, Configuring, & Setup
Section 5: Performance-tuning and Optimization, as well as Upgrades
Section 6: Troubleshooting & Repairing
Section 7: Administrative and Operational Tasks

VMware excels at explaining exactly what you need in order to pass their tests. Download a VCP DCV Exam Guide here. It contains detailed breakdowns for each domain and testable objective.
The 70 questions in the VCP-DCV exam are both single- and multi-choice. The exam is more knowledge-based than it is application-based. With the company’s specific roadmap, you won’t be surprised when you take it. The test takes 130 minutes, which allows you to thoroughly think through each answer before responding.
How Much Does the VCP DCV 2020 Exam Cost?
When it comes to cost, VMware certifications can often cause much weeping and gnashing teeth. The exam costs $250 for VCP-DCV 2020. To sit for the exam, you must take a VMware-approved course. These courses are usually in the $4,250-4,500 range. There are eight options for the VCP-DCV 2020:
VMware vSphere: Configure, Install, Manage [V7]
VMware vSphere: Configure, Install, Manage [V7] on Demand
VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale [V7]
VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale [V7] on Demand
VMware vSphere Troubleshooting [V7]
VMware vSphere: Fast track [V7]
VMware vSphere: Optimize, Scale and Troubleshooting Fast-Track V7]
VMware vSphere Advanced Administration Workshop [V7]

The total cost of a VCP/DCV will be approximately $600

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