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Is Project+ worth it?

Project management is an important skill that is often overlooked in the IT industry. If you’ve ever been part of a team that worked on a project, you know how difficult it can be to think about all the goals that must be achieved. It can be difficult to manage the milestones and technical outcomes of an IT project. This is especially true for those who don’t have much experience in managing projects.
CompTIA’s Project+ certification is for those who are new to project management. It will help you get started in this area and show you what you can expect as a member or project team. This certification could also be beneficial for those with previous project experience. We are interested in looking at the current status of the cert to see what makes it valuable in today’s environment.
What is Project+?
The Project+ certification targets both IT professionals as well as non-technical professionals. It covers the essential skills required to manage small- and medium-sized projects. It also includes effective techniques to avoid common pitfalls in project management.
This is a great place to start if you are responsible for smaller projects with simpler objectives. Project+ will teach you foundational skills that will help you build your project management expertise.
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Start trainingProject+ certification is an entry-level one. It doesn’t go into too much detail about any particular concept. Instead, it teaches the fundamentals of many principles to help you understand each methodology. It covers many concepts that can be applied to multiple project management frameworks, making it an excellent foundation for more advanced project management training.
Exam Objectives
These are the objectives you will need in order to pass Project+. These objectives can be downloaded from the CompTIA website.
Project Basics: 36%
Project Constraints: 17%
Communication & Change Management: 26%
Project Tools and Documentation: 21%

Project Basics. This objective asks you to briefly summarize the basic characteristics of a project. These include things such as phases and cost controls, schedules, responsibilities, and roles. Agile is an important part of this objective. You will need to identify the key features or functions that this methodology uses.
Project Constraints. This objective requires you to anticipate the possible impact of various constraints and influential items on the project. Understanding the roles and risks associated with each task is essential. You also need to know how this relates to different stages of project lifecycle.
Communication and Change Management: This objective requires you to understand the best communication methods for certain situations. You will need to have a solid understanding of the purpose and use of change controls.
Project Tools and Documentation: This section will help you compare different types of project management tools and show you how to read and analyze documentation from both partners and project sources.
Project+ costs $319 USD to take. Multiple-choice questions are used in the exam. The number of questions varies. 95 questions is the maximum number of questions an exam taker can see. Candidats must score 710 on a scale from 100 to 900. The exam lasts 90 minutes.
What experience do you need for Project+?
Project+ certification has two great things. One, there is no entry barrier and two, there are no certification prerequisites. It is beneficial to have an IT fount

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