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How to work around VMware Classroom Requirements

Many VMware certifications require that you have a classroom requirement. This can be costly and can run into the thousands. This may seem daunting or prohibitive to some, but don’t let it stop you from pursuing these certs. These requirements can be fulfilled in other ways than taking a class.
This post will discuss the benefits of VMware’s classes and review other requirements for VMware classrooms. It will also explain how Cisco certs can help you skip the classes.
Understanding the VMware Classroom Requirements
Let’s say that you are starting an entry-level IT job. After a few months, it becomes clear that you are ready to further your education and advance your career. You are interested in virtualization and have decided that VMware is the right choice for you. After reading this Complete VMware Certification Guide, it is clear that The VMware Certified Associate (VCA), is the right choice for you.
You now work towards the VCA-DBT certification (Digital Business Transformation). You pass the exam after approximately 10 weeks of online training and home labs. You are now VCA-DBT certified
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Start trainingAfter a few months of learning, you feel ready to move on to the next step, VMware Certified Professional (VCP). You now want to achieve the VCP-NV certification. But, you are not satisfied with the classroom requirement. These courses are expensive if you dig a little deeper.
Although it seems like there may be other options, it can be difficult to find information. Before you decide to spend the money, weigh all options and make the best decision. We’ll help to make that happen in the following sections.
These are the key takeaways:
VMware VCA certification does not require a classroom requirement.
VMware VCP certification has a classroom requirement.
VMware classes can be expensive.
There are other options to the VMware Education courses.

Why classroom training?
There are many options, so why would you choose to go the classroom route when there are other options? In short: Convenience & quality. Classroom training is the fastest, most direct option.
Different people value time in different ways. If you don’t have much time, you might look for the fastest option. This course will provide valuable experience and information in a short 5-day period. These courses are available to help you understand ESXi/vSphere if you’re working towards your VCP/DCV certification.
These courses are expensive, but they can be very valuable. These courses provide a reliable and efficient structure that will help you not only pass the exams but also to properly support, configure, and manage vSphere. The training is provided by VMware certified instructors, so you can be sure of its quality and relevance. It might be worth it in the end, if you consider the convenience of purchasing something.
Even if you have the funds to pay for classroom training, there are some things you should consider before you dive in. First, you will likely need to travel to attend these classes. Second, VMware trainings can often mean that you will have to take time off work and from your family. This is often a deal-breaker for many.
VMware classroom training is an excellent option for those who can afford it. There are many other options for those who can’t afford to attend. VMware offers many courses via “Live Classroom” and “vFlex Online” delivery. “Live Online” is exactly what its name suggests, an online course that is conducted in real time. “vFlex ILT” courses can be taken in-person or via HD video conferencing.
However, the “live” component of “Live Online”, and “vFlex IILT” is not available.

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