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How to manage people without them even knowing it – The digital project manager

The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work.

We’ve all been there. You try your best to avoid micromanaging your staff, but their behavior (or lack thereof) makes it seem that they want to be micromanaged. Sometimes, you’re unable to get out of bed for a cup of coffee before your team texts in a panic with an urgent issue that cannot be solved without your input.
What’s the answer? How can you get your team to work independently, so that being away for a week doesn’t cause panic among your clients? How do you manage people?

How to manage people without them even knowing it
Project management is difficult because it requires you to learn how to manage people effectively. These are the three main principles that will help you manage your team so they can innovate and feel empowered to make their own decisions.
1. Set expectations about what you will need to input
Let’s face it, if your team keeps requesting your help, it’s likely that your leadership style is a sign that you don’t trust your team to make the right decisions. This needs to be fixed quickly.
Even if you are able to see the bigger picture, it can be difficult to manage people effectively if you don’t know what issues need your input. Do you care about the font used on the launch page graphic? What is the tool used by the team to manage their internal workflows? Changes that affect the budget or schedule are more important than how to define the aesthetic and technical details of the work.
Consider your comfort level, client needs, and the nature the project. Draw a line in sand about the issues that require your feedback before the team moves. Keep your word. Any backsliding on the part of you will cause confusion and set off a new avalanche.
2. Reinforce Your Expectations
If the team doesn’t follow these guidelines after you have clarified their expectations, it is time to teach them how to do so. Because you are so good at what you do it is only natural that others will want to take the easy route and not do the hard work of considering all options and making a decision. This is fine if your junior employee is just starting out, but you must give your senior employees the opportunity to grow.
There will always be someone in your team who is dependent. I recommend that you learn how to manage people who ask for too much management. When someone asks you how to structure the report they’ve been researching for the past two weeks, resist the temptation to give your opinion and instead ask them what their take is.
If they don’t get the message that this is their moment to shine with their decision making brilliance, point it out to them. You may not be aware of it. Ask them why they feel the need to talk to you and tell them that you trust them to find a solution on their own. Self-confidence or force of habit is most often the problem. You should allow your team time to develop those skills, especially if you are the coach for an agile project.
The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work.

There have been times when I was not able to get the results I wanted. You may need to go stealthily with project management. If your team is constantly harassing you with IMs then you might need to go offline. I promise, the world will not end! Clos

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