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Docker Integration with AWS, Azure Clouds Software container firm Docker Inc. announced a beta program to Docker for AWS as well as Docker for Azure. The new offering integrates with the respective infrastructures of the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), and Microsoft Azure cloud. It is described by Docker Inc. as the best way to install Docker and then configure and maintain the deployment. The new initiative includes Docker 1.12 with swarm-mode enabled. The infrastructure integration means users can use a pre-existing SSH key associated with their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) account for access control, Docker said, while configuring security groups and virtual networks for simplified Docker setups and operations. The beta program is the same as Docker for Mac or Windows, according to the company.

  • To ensure that teams can seamlessly move apps between developer laptops and Docker staging and production environments without lock-in or incompatibilities, deploy a standard Docker platform.
  • Integrate deeply into the underlying infrastructure to ensure Docker takes advantage native capabilities of the host environment and provides administrators with a familiar interface.
  • You can deploy the Docker platform to any place you wish to run containerized applications, quickly and easily, and without additional cost.
  • You should ensure that the most recent Docker versions are available for your hardware, OSs, infrastructure, and other important components. Also, make sure you have solid upgrade paths between Docker versions.

The beta program is open to both developers and users who are interested. The company stated that updates to Docker for AWS as well as Azure will be released in sync with Docker RC, GA releases. “Upgrading to a new Docker edition is easy: Docker will gradually create new manager nodes and switch them into a manager quorum. The update is completed by gradually switching on the new version of the Docker software to the worker nodes. Docker 1.12’s new services and state reconciliation features ensure that the update does not affect apps running on the swarm.

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