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Different types of people you meet in different projects

Different types of people you meet in different projects
Project managers are responsible for managing and controlling a project from start to finish. These project managers can have different personality types and management styles. These personalities can include:
1. The Dictator
A dictator is a strict observer of discipline. A dictator is a strict observer of order and adherence to established norms. These project managers love to be at the top of affairs. They are known for their strong personalities and bossy attitudes. They expect their team members adhere to all the rules and regulations they set.
2. The Perfectionist
These project managers are quite detail-oriented. They are excellent at monitoring and organizing. They strive for perfection in all they do. They expect team members to do the job correctly and without allowing for any rework.
3. The Cautious Type
They always have a plan B to deal with the uncertainties associated with projects. These people are meticulous about keeping track of every aspect of a project. They will go to great lengths in order to ensure that the project progresses as planned. They place great importance on defining the roles and responsibilities for each member of their team.
4. The resourceful Type
These managers take ownership seriously. They are not afraid to get involved in crisis situations and roll up their sleeves. They are capable of solving problems and coming up with innovative solutions.
5. The Go-Getters
These project managers are not content to manage the entire team. They are willing to lead from the front and take over the work if it is for the greater good.
6. The Delegator
These individuals have great faith in their team members’ abilities. They are open to giving them more responsibilities and roles.
7. The Mentor
Mentors have a broad knowledge of many topics and subjects. They act as advisers to team members. They are able to draw on their vast experience and provide practical insight when faced with difficult situations. They are also keen to foster a sense of team spirit among project members. These managers are able maintain their calm and composure in difficult situations.
8. The Control Freak / Doer
These project managers are always concerned about their project’s health. These managers lack trust in their team’s abilities, and prefer to do everything themselves. This results in minimal involvement from the assigned team members.
Bonus: You can see them all in this video. If you have seen any of these, please comment in the comments section.

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