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Cyberwarfare: The Origins, Motivations, and What You Can Do In Response Abstract This cybersecurity whitepaper explores the motivations and origins of cyberwarfare and offers suggestions for actions that you can take to counter them. Cyberwarfare: Examples of elements These can be viewed as primarily offensive, but some may also serve a defensive purpose. For a nation to be able perform an act of cyber warfare, these weapons must be developed and maintained. Cyberwarfare tools can be used to attack any nation using many of the concepts that are commonly associated with hacking and penetration testing, such as scanning, system identification, vulnerability scanning, scanning, scanning, and scanning for vulnerabilities. These tools and techniques are used to aid the attacker in gaining greater knowledge about the target’s IT infrastructure. Once the target’s IT infrastructure is known, the next step is to exploit that vulnerability. This is commonly known as gaining access. However, it could also be used to cause damage or destruction rather than remote control or intrusion. Download

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