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CyberArk with InfosecTrain: Reasons to “Enroll”

Table of Contents
CyberArk: What is it? InfosecTrain CyberArk course – Why CyberArk with InfosecTrain
What is CyberArk?
CyberArk is a security software that protects privileged accounts and manages passwords. It automatically tracks passwords and secures privileged accounts within businesses. CyberArk is also the only security software company that specializes in removing cyber threats using insider privileges to attack an enterprise’s core.
CyberArk is a leader in Privileged Access Management, (PAM). It provides the most comprehensive security solution to any human or machine identity, across business apps, remote workforces and hybrid cloud workloads, as well as the DevOps lifecycle.
What is the CyberArk course at InfosecTrain and what are its benefits?
CyberArk is a CyberTrain training course that will help you install, configure, and manage Privileged Account Security Solutions. It will improve your skills and give you the knowledge you need. This course offers many options. Through real-world scenarios, you will gain hands-on experience in constructing CyberArk infrastructure and specifying authentication types.
This course covers password management and PSM as well as software features such as backup and troubleshooting. Each level will showcase the industry-leading CyberArk Private Access Security Solution.
What topics will CyberArk’s training course at InfosecTrain cover?
InfosecTrain’s CyberArk training course teaches you everything you need to know about managing, developing, and maintaining the CyberArk platform. The course’s first part will provide an overview of Privileged Access Management and CyberArk technology. You will learn how authentication mechanisms are created. You will learn how to deploy Central Policy Manager (CPM), Privileged Sessions Manager (PSM) and Password Vault Web Access Managers (PVWA) in a distributed or load-balanced environment. Learn more about CyberArk’s privileged account protection program and its design and practices.
CyberArk can help you get a job.
Insecurity breaches are common because of the theft of privileged credentials. Privileged accounts give certain users extraordinary account privileges that enable them to carry out essential business operations. CyberArk is a PAM solution that allows organizations to protect critical systems from intrusions and ensures that those who need privileged access are granted it.
Employees will appreciate faster logins and IT staff will receive detailed reports on all activity across all accounts. This will allow them to identify risky patterns or compromised credentials before damage is done.
CyberArk professionals are in high demand. You can expect to be able to perform the following roles after you have completed CyberArk:
CyberArk Administrator: CyberArk administrators are responsible for supporting a CyberArk deployment, as well as other technologies or systems that are required to maintain and sustain its capabilities.
CyberArk Specialists: CyberArk specialists maintain and support CyberArk’s platform, as well as Privileged Access Management reporting and metrics. They work closely with the Identity Access Management team and security operation team, infrastructure, app owners, and product managers to help drive the identity strategy.
CyberArk Support Specialists: CyberArk Specialists assist in the design and implementation Privileged Access Management Systems, as well as the development of new CyberArk connectors and plug-ins. They explain technical processes and provide pro-tips.

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