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AWS brings Natural Language Querying to the BI with QuickSightQ

Amazon Web Services’ business intelligence platform Amazon QuickSight can now handle user queries written in everyday language.
This week, QuickSight Enterprise subscribers received the new feature, called Amazon QuickSight Q. It currently supports only English queries. AWS announced Thursday that it will not expand into other languages. Pricing is determined based on the number of queries and users.
This blog post featured a demonstration of QuickSight Q by Jeff Barr, AWS chief evangelist. QuickSight Q uses machine-learning to interpret user questions and request written in plain, natural English.
AWS announced that it can “automatically understand and relate business data meanings and relationships, providing users with precise answers and relevant visualizations in response for questions in seconds,” AWS stated in its announcement. “The machine learning models behind Amazon QuickSight Q have been trained on data from different domains (sales reporting and ads and marketing, financial and healthcare analytics, and sports analytics), so it can understand complex business language and provide precise answers and visualizations.
AWS explained that other methods of natural language querying may require months of data modeling and preparation. There may be a trade-off between quality and performance. Responses may be quick or accurate, but not always both. QuickSight Q promises to meet those needs without extensive BI expertise.
AWS stated that customers can refine the way Amazon QuickSight Q interprets questions. This removes the need to prepare complex data before users can ask data questions in natural language. “Amazon QuickSight Q doesn’t depend on prebuilt dashboards or reports. Users can explore all of their data and not just a set of questions. End users get the insight they need in seconds.
QuickSight Q is already used by many customers, including the National Football League and Forwood. More information is available here.

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