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Are you the project leader? (Is he doomed?)

Are you a project leader?
I tried not to indoctrinate him.
It was true.
Jeff Kubina via Flickr
This week, we attended a Wacipi, a Native American celebration. These events are held every once in a while in our region and are attended by the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota tribal nations.
It’s great fun and the kids love it. My wife observed my oldest son doing the same thing he does in large groups …?. Some of the characteristics of a leader in a project.
Let me explain.
A small group
Three children were playing and formed a small circle, holding hands and dancing in the circle. Mazaryk, my son, saw them and ran over to join the fun.
He soon realized that four children were not enough. He saw the potential for a larger group of children and went out to recruit others. He reached out to all ages and found children aged between 4 and 10.
Soon, there were 20 children dancing around the ring and holding hands. Mazaryk entered the middle of the ring when it reached a certain point.
He then began to look after the ring of kids. He ran to the children to grab them again if the chain fell. He alternated between facilitation and direct participation. He seemed to think that his favorite part of this experience was making sure that the ring continued and that other children had fun. He had a great time, as he does with lots of kids and chaos.
All this made me a proud dad in a way. It also made me sad.
Is my son doomed?
Are you doomed to be a leader in a project?

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