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10 Easy Ways To Earn PDUs And Renew Your PMP Certification

The Project Management Institute (PMI), which requires you to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs), every three years in order to maintain your PMP certification. You can earn PDUs through two methods, according to PMI requirements: Education and Giving Back. Here are 10 easy and rewarding ways you can earn PDUs.

(Minimum 35 PDUs out of 60, Maximum 60 PDUs
1 PDU is earned for every hour of educational engagement. Here are five easy ways to earn Education PDUs.
Whitepapers, articles, and books can be used to study.

Professionals and organizations often create blogs and articles to establish a strong industry presence. Our Downloads Centre offers a wealth of learning resources for free.
Participate in a scheduled informal discussion

Encourage employees to schedule regular sessions for knowledge sharing amongst themselves and between departments. Combat siloing of knowledge between project teams.
Participate in self-directed, e-learning

You can find a variety of educational materials, podcasts, and webinars online that offer a more flexible approach to training than a traditional course. ILX Group offers a variety of webinars that can be accessed on-demand to help you earn your PDUs.
Participate in organization meetings

Many networking opportunities include an educational component. These can be hosted by PMI or third-party organizations. To find events near your location, click here to visit the official PMI Events Calendar.
Learn to train

Online courses can be taken by an instructor. You can also search for training sessions that are part-of in-person conferences. Many of these sessions are free, while others can be paid by your employer. You can claim PDUs as long as the material meets PMP requirements.
Remember that Education PDUs must be earned from at least 8 subcategories. Learn more about them in our previous blog on PDUs. Remember that 35 is the minimum number of PDUs you can earn from Education. This is easier for many PMPs.
Giving back
(Minimum 0 of 60 PDUs, Maximum 25 of 60 PDUs
Some prefer to study for 60 hours per year, while others want to earn PDUs while working. You can save up 25 education hours by joining the ‘Giving back’ category. Here are the easiest ways you can do it:
As a Project Management Practitioner, you can work

Show your industry leadership and demonstrate the benefits of being PMP certified.
Create Content for Learning Resources

PDUs are a great incentive to co-author a book or write articles.
Give a presentation

You can research speaking opportunities at PMI events or professional conferences, or you can offer to give a presentation about your team’s work in your company.
Your peers as a coach

Coaching is not only a great way to share your knowledge but it also develops fundamental communication skills and leadership skills.
Volunteer for PMI

You can be a member of the PMI Board of Directors or one of the six support groups for the Board of Directors. Click here to learn more about these opportunities.
A PMP certification cannot be renewed if you are a project manager. For ‘Working as an Professional’, you can only earn 8 PDUs. You can choose how to divide the remaining PDUs (upto 17) between volunteering and creating knowledge.
This blog post was updated by PMI on 20 January 2017.

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