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What is a Project? by Andrew Abogado via Flickr A project has a few qualities:

  • Is a company that has the goal of creating a unique product.
  • Is there a start?
  • There is an end (at the very least, that’s the plan).
  • Are there at least 1 person involved?

That’s it. If a group or activities fit that criteria, it’s a job. You can create anything that isn’t mass-produced.

  • Building a house
  • A science-fair project
  • Writing a book
  • How to create a website
  • Launching a satellite into orbit

Project Management is not the same for all projects. A project that has 100 people involved will have different requirements than a project that only has one person. According to some definitions, a project is not considered a project if it has only one person working on it. This is a false statement. It is true that project complexity and effort directly affect how much “project management” must occur. My rule of thumb is: “Only do what adds to value.” You are wasting your time and money if you invest in formal project management practices that you don’t need. More questions?? You have more questions? Leave a comment below, or connect with me. I will update this post as necessary to provide the best possible definition.

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