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The Business of GovTech: Opportunities at both the Federal and State Levels

It’s a great time to work in government technology. Opportunities that you might not have considered previously may suddenly become very attractive. Find out how CompTIA Public Sector membership could help you grow. Working with the government has its risks and rewards. Many businesses find stability and growth opportunities, but the competition can be fierce and often buried in paperwork. Many people assume that government contracts are only available for large tech conglomerates. However, this is not true.
All levels of government are looking to stay ahead of the curve. They’re using new technologies, modernizing processes, upskilling employees, diversifying their providers, and taking advantage of new technology. As new opportunities open up, it’s a great time to be in technology. How can you position your company to take advantage these opportunities? Your CompTIA membership can help.
Opportunities at the State level: Training & education
Due to the continuing effects of the pandemic in their communities, state and local governments face significant budget cuts. However, public sector organizations still need employees who are proficient in the latest technology to serve their constituents. How can government leaders prepare their workforce for this technology? How can your business get involved?
This issue was addressed by CompTIA’s The Business of GovTech with Tony Holmes of Pluralsight. Pluralsight provides products that help organizations upskill and reskill. Holmes works with public, state and local agencies to identify skills gaps. He believes that government agencies can begin to look for talent within their own organizations by training them rather than outsourcing.
Holmes stated that they are looking to hire problem solvers. “[We need] people that can pivot and address problems–almost semi-entrepreneurs–that can see a problem and bring together multiple disciplines to try and solve that problem.”
However, the current public sector recruiting process often doesn’t reflect the need to find people with a particular mindset.
He said, “We need people who have an astronaut’s mindset.” “I don’t know what’s coming at me, but I know that I have the resilience and creativity to solve it.”
While updating the recruitment approach is one way to ensure that the workforce is properly trained, Holmes says that the public sector must adopt a culture of learning. He stresses the importance of learning and development at the top.
Holmes stated that the chief learning officer (CLO), and chief technology officer (CTO), are two sides of the same coin. “The CTO ensures that the organization’s technology stays ahead of the curve, while the CLO trains the workforce on that technology.”
The public sector can benefit from innovative training methods and emerging technologies to help build a better workforce. The CompTIA State & Local Government and Education Council (SELD) is committed to continuous IT modernization to improve public services and advance the interests of the IT market and SLED market.
Do you have any ideas? We want to hear your ideas! Join the SLED Council.
Opportunities at the Federal Level: Contracting with Government
According to most estimates, government contracting is worth $600 billion per year. Tech plays an increasing role in this industry. The U.S. government, from the IRS and CDC to DoD and FBI, is one of the biggest buyers of technology solutions. There are many companies of all sizes who specialize in everything, from cybersecurity to electronic payment systems.
Jamie Sybert, Grant Thornton’s chief technology officer, spoke on the recent episode of The Business of GovTech about the trends and opportunities in the federal government market. Sybert highlights large issues such as cybersecurity regulation, supply chain compliance, and the Buy America executive orders as top issues for government contractors to watch out for. But it’s the trends that make this exciting for all tech firms of any size.
Sybert, for example, says that the government no longer relies on one vendor to provide all IT solutions. They are increasingly comfortable with the idea that the cloud is the best option and are looking at it more often. She expects an increase in investment in IT due to real estate consolidation and the changing ways the world does business.
Sybert stated that small and medium-sized companies are more likely to be involved in government contracting through OTAs. OTA, oth

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