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Technology Industry Predictions 2022: From Cybersecurity and WFH

CompTIA’s community leaders and Industry Advisory Councils leaders were asked to predict the tech industry for 2022. Here are their insights on cybersecurity, WFH and government regulations, consolidation, insurance, and many other topics. That was quite an interesting year. 2021 was a year to be remembered, due to the continuing impact of the pandemic upon workforces, supply chain issues and headline-grabbing cybersecurity attacks.
CompTIA asked members of its Industry Advisory Councils and membership communities for their predictions for 2022. Their collective insights, as thought leaders from the IT industry, include cybersecurity, WFH and other issues. Here’s what they had a to say:
MSP Insurance will be a necessity
“I believe cybersecurity insurance carriers will legislate security measures for managed IT service providers and customers. Ransomware is being used to evade law enforcement because it is difficult to ‘follow the money with cryptocurrency and insurance companies are easy targets for payouts. They will make themselves less liable and in turn force best practices for our industry.” – Dan Shapero (president of TeamLogicIT).
WFH is here to stay – but needs better security
“Next year, companies will finally see that hybrid and work anywhere is a permanent fixture of their business. They will be open to security that doesn’t rely on VPNs or network devices, but technology such as zero trust, software defined perimeter, SDWAN, and SDWAN. “The market will become more competitive and bring down the price to the SMB,” – Jonathan Blakey (Vice President of Technology at Technology Assurance Group).
Cyber-Proficient MSPs will have an advantage
“Next year, security incident response will continue to be a requirement across the IT channel. MSPs that take a serious look into the cyber threat landscape will not only revise their security framework, but will also recognize the necessity of continuing to add to it. MSPs that can bundle these additional security services profitably will not only continue scaling but also maintain the integrity of their customers’ networks.” – Hannah O’Donnell director of sales, Collabrance
Companies Still Standing Risk Closure, Consolidation
“In 2022, I believe we’ll see more hackers than ever before and more companies will be closing down or consolidating. Many companies are increasing their cold calling (dialing for dollars) thinking that this will make a big difference in their sales. It’s a waste of money. Companies that insist on three-year contracts for customers will see their sales decline. I would like to see a calmer world but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.” Jay Tipton CEO Technology Specialists
Government Regulations Will Drive Compliance-as-a-Service Growth
“Next year, I expect that we will see hypergrowth in the compliance vertical. Compliance solutions used to be a difficult selling proposition. It was a difficult process that required high levels of expertise and was costly to outsource. I’ve seen the compliance delivery market seriously mature in 2021 and there now are a myriad of ways that MSPs can easily offer compliance-as-a-service to their customers. MSPs have more opportunities than ever to fulfill their obligations, increase revenue streams, and deliver more value to customers, thanks to increasing government regulations (think CMMC).
More businesses will emphasize customer experience and service
“Next year we will see a growing trend in customer experience-as-a-service and customer service-as-a-service (CXaaS and CSaaS). Many businesses are realizing the value of providing quality customer support, and technology companies are realizing it’s not a customer land grab. With technology companies becoming more competitive, it is vital to provide exceptional customer service. With technology competition increasing, the customer is the new gold. This is a trend I am happy to see growing and becoming a more common strategic initiative by technology and solution provider companies.” – Juan Fernandez (co-chair), CompTIA Channel Development Advisory Council
Security remains a top priority for business partners
“Business security issues are something to be aware of. This trend will continue to be a major concern for the foreseeable future. Education is the best way to protect your business. Businesses can protect themselves by being aware, implementing security practices and policing.

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