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Splunk Core Certified Power Users Exam Format – Blog

Splunk Core Certified Advanced User has greater knowledge and skills in complex searching, reporting commands, advanced use case of knowledge objects, best practices for building dashboards, and forms. The Splunk Core Certified power user certification is an entry-level exam that tests the candidate’s ability use and drive the Splunk software. This certification gives the candidate an overview of the SPL searching unit and reporting unit.
The candidate will have the ability to create knowledge articles, use field names, build tags, and event types, practice macros, design workflow actions, and normalize data using the Common Information Model in Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms. This Splunk Core Certified power user certification introduces the candidate also to Splunk’s datasets feature, and Pivot interface.
The final step towards obtaining the Splunk Certified Power User certification is the Splunk Certified Power User exam. This exam is highly respected and offers the following benefits:
Validate Skills
Enhances Employability
Enhance Academic Records
Higher Salaries
Digital Banking
There are many reasons to choose Splunk!
First, the candidate must know two things that will cover all the reasons why Splunk certifications are a good choice.
Splunk is the most trusted and valued ecosystem in the industry. It is also known for its exceptional investigative skills, intuitive visualizations, seamless collaboration, and other remarkable features. These qualities will allow the candidate to function in modern times and digitize.
It is also a top-selling brand because it can be used with any structure, source of data, timescale, insight, or action. It has an incredible capacity to store data from any location and on any device. Smart ML/AI is available to provide insights. Candidates can stream both their old and new records within seconds. It supports a wide range of users so business partners can work seamlessly and securely.
Exam Format and Scheduling
The final step towards obtaining the Splunk Certified Power User certification is the Splunk core Certified Power User exam. It has a code of SPLK-1002. This certification exam, which lasts 57 minutes and contains 65 questions, evaluates candidates’ knowledge and skills in field aliases, calculated fields, creating tags, event types, using macros and creating workflow actions. It also normalizes data with the CIM.
Candidates can expect to spend an additional 3 minutes reviewing the exam agreement. This will give them a total of 60 minutes. Candidates for this certification should complete the Splunk Fundamentals 2 course. This includes the lecture, hands on labs and quizzes. Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator certification requires Splunk Core Certified Power Users.
You can take the splunk certification exams in one of these ways:
First, in-person at a Pearson Test Center.
Or at home via online proctoring
Register for the Exam: Splunk Certified Power User
Follow these steps to register your Splunk Core Certified Energy Use
First-time registrants must connect their Splunk account with the Pearson VUE platform.
The candidate must also provide accurate contact information to Pearson VUE, the testing partner.
They will then need to wait for Pearson View’s Authorization to Test email for two days after they submit their form.
Afterwards, create an account at Pearson VUE.
The candidate must also schedule an exam appointment. The Pearson VUE Home screen lists all the exams that they are eligible for. Continue to Schema by clicking through the verification screens.

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