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Project Manager Roles & Responsibilities [8 Key Roles]

“A project manager is like an emergency room doctor who directs the trauma team and decides what treatment to give to a patient. Development teams can easily get into trouble if they don’t have the right authority to manage all project management issues. – Scott Berkun, author of “Making Things happen” How did it all begin? Microsoft launched an ambitious project in the late 1980s. But there was too many people involved. Microsoft found a clever solution. There were teams from engineering, marketing, and business. No one knew how to coordinate them all. They chose one person to be the leader of their project, and they were able to give them significant authority to coordinate and organize it. Everything went smoothly once Microsoft had a dedicated leader. The teams were happier with their work environment. Excel was the end result of this strategy. Microsoft eventually made this role a standard for all their projects. The project manager was born. 8 key roles and responsibilities for project managers
You’ll find a cheatsheet at the end of this post that outlines the key responsibilities of project managers! First, who are project managers?
People with a great entrepreneurial mindset are good project managers. This allows them to think beyond the basics of managing a project. It is the job of the project manager to lead teams and team members to success. Project managers are responsible for ensuring that information flows smoothly and that the project is successful or fails. To keep the project moving forward, they need to have both technical knowledge and first-hand experience with the tasks they assign. Project managers are responsible for planning, executing and monitoring the project’s progress, as well as controlling it. They are expected to deliver projects on time, within budget, and on schedule while keeping everyone informed and happy. “– Cam Lee from Rock Agency. Technical knowledge does more than allow project managers to communicate their ideas to all involved. Project managers who are skilled in technical knowledge can win the respect of their team members. Project managers have the ability to influence more company decisions than any other person. Their primary task is to use their technical knowledge to win the respect of the team members and keep them there. 8 key roles and responsibilities
1. Planning for activity and resource planningPlanning is crucial in meeting project deadlines. Many projects fail because of poor planning. Good project managers first define the scope of the project and determine the available resources. Good project managers are able to set realistic time estimates and evaluate the capabilities of the teams. They then create a plan to execute the project and track its progress. Projects are unpredictable. Good project managers can adjust as necessary to ensure that the project is successful. Organization and motivation of project teams. Good project managers don’t get bogged down in lengthy checklists, whiteboards, and complicated spreadsheets. Instead, they place their teams first and foremost. They create clear, simple plans that encourage their teams to achieve their full potential. They reduce bureaucracy and direct their teams along a clear path to achieving the ultimate goal. “Leading by example is the best way to lead. Motivation should not be a problem if you do your job well, support your team and have a healthy and fair approach with them. “– Dragan Hrgic, Remade3. Time management and control Clients often judge a pr

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