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PMI Certification for Project Management Training

Every year, business activity increases. Companies are in a race to implement the latest innovations. This puts extra pressure on project managers to keep things on track. In the future, organizations will need to have excellent project management. Bad project management is responsible to approximately 10% of all funds lost. The data speaks for itself. Sectors that are focused on projects will contribute $20.2 trillion to GDP over the next 20 years. 93% of firms use standard project management procedures, but only 58% fully understand the value.
Businesses must ensure that their employees are skilled and trained in order to keep up with the digital transformation and fierce competition. This blog will explain why PMI certification and upskilling your team in project managing will help boost business results.
What is a PMI certificate?
The Project Management Institute (PMI), a professional organization, issues PMI certifications. A PMI certification can be used to show your skills and knowledge as a project manager, leader, project member, or other role depending on the certification type.
Project managers who keep up to date with technological developments will be better equipped to understand how the field is changing and how it may impact their future roles. If you encourage your staff members to follow the Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines, you can keep your business ahead.
PMI Membership and Certification allow your team to improve their project leadership skills and ensure successful execution of projects. NetCom Learning is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP for PMI(r)) and has begun offering PMI Membership and discounted exam coupons with any PMI Training Courses. With the help of exam vouchers, users who have PMI membership through NetCom Learning can save money on certification exams.
The Project Management Institute (PMI), provides members with a wealth if useful tools to help them excel at their chosen field of project managing. The PMI publishes an annual magazine and organizes events for members to share their knowledge. These events can be used to assist individuals in their career advancement and enhance their knowledge. The PMI places a high priority on the establishment of standards.
PMI offers a variety of certifications in project management. To earn one of these credentials, you must have spent a lot of time and effort learning about the subject. NetCom Learning is an official training partner to PMI. It helps organizations, teams, and the government improve their project management skills and train for PMI Certifications.
Different types of PMI Certification
PMI’s Project Management Professional certification (PMP) is the most well-recognized and popular qualification. It helps to attain industrial-level project management skills and knowledge. A PwC survey found that PMP-certified managers manage more than a fourth of high-performing projects. Organizations with more than a quarter of PMP-certified managers perform better than those without. PMI also offers a variety of certifications that are appropriate for professionals depending on their job roles. Even if a project manager has passed the relevant exams, they must still offer opportunities for skill development. The PMI certification roadmap outlines the additional skills that can be acquired. These are the types of PMI certifications.
Project Management Professional (PMP).
The PMP is a well-recognized and highly-respected certification in the industry. It has more than a million holders around the world. Passing a difficult exam to become certified requires that you demonstrate your ability to manage people, direct processes, and make business-oriented decisions.
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).
The CAPM is for people who want to manage projects, take on greater responsibilities or improve their project management skills. The CAPM is open to professionals at all levels of their project management careers. It is a great choice for those just starting out.
PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI ACP) certification will show your commitment to this rapidly evolving approach to project management. Agile project management emphasizes flexibility and short sprints.
Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)
The Portfolio Management Professional (Pf)

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