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Microsoft Enterprise Administrator Expert

This Microsoft Enterprise Administrator Expert certification demonstrates the fundamental concepts of Office 365, its apps, and their functions. This certification will allow you to install, manage, secure, maintain, and supervise Office 365. It also protects the mechanisms built into the platform.
Certification exams
MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services. This exam is for Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators who are responsible for reviewing, designing and upgrading, implementing, and managing Microsoft 365 services. This exam examines the design and implementation Microsoft 365 services, management user identities and roles and administration of access and identity, as well as planning and implementing Office 365 apps and workloads.
Skills measured
Microsoft 365 solutions
Roles and user identities
Management of access and authentication
Office 365 Workloads and Apps
MS-101: Microsoft 365 Security and Mobility: This exam is for Microsoft 365 Enterprise executives who can evaluate, organize and migrate Microsoft 365 services. They manage an enterprise’s tenancy. This includes credentials, protection, adherence and development. This exam measures your ability to use modern devices, Microsoft 365 threat detection control, manage Microsoft 365 administration and adhere to the Microsoft 365 environment.
Skills measured
Update device services
Microsoft 365 helps you manage security threats
Monitor Microsoft 365 compatibility
You must have at least one of these certifications:
Microsoft Modern Desktop Administrator Associate
Microsoft Security Administrator Associate
Microsoft Messaging Administrator Associate
Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate
Microsoft Access Administrator Associate
Exam syllabus
Establish services for modern devices (40-45)
2- Use Microsoft 365’s risk management and security capabilities (20-25 %)

Ensure compliance and governance of Microsoft 365 (35-40 %)

Skills measured during the initial assessment
Microsoft 365 services designed and implemented
Manage users’ identities and responsibilities
Monitor user authorization and identification
Assemble Office 365 infrastructure.
Modernize devices using new services
Microsoft 365’s threat detection admin tools are available
Recertification and expiry of certification
To renew your certification, you can take the recertification exam within six months. The renewal assessment will test you on the following:
Manage Windows 10 together with System Center Configuration
Manage devices using Microsoft Endpoint Administrator
Connectors can be used to send mail outside Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 Threat Protection
Microsoft Defender for Strong Encryption
Microsoft Security for Office 365 solves problems
Microsoft Security for Identity Protection
Microsoft 365 User Data Migration
Install Microsoft 365 Commercial Apps
Sensitivity labels protect your data
Microsoft 365 Internal Threats
The MS-101 exam and MS-100 exams are the most recognized certifications in all industries. The Microsoft Enterprise Administrative Expert certification will give you an edge over others.
NetCom Learning offers MS-100 and MS-101 training courses that are based on exam objectives. To help you prepare for the exams, you will have access to Microsoft Official Courseware, labs, practice tests, as well as 24×7 support.

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