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Microsoft Digital Transformation Academy (DTA 2021): NetCom Learning to Be a Part Of Digital Success Stories

Just two weeks away is the Annual Microsoft DTA! NetCom Learning, Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner is more than happy to be part of this extraordinary event.
Microsoft DTA, or Digital Transformation Academy is an annual event in which the MicrosoftAccounts Teamand Microsoft Partners meet to discuss digital transformation stories from around the world. The idea is to collaborate with all the stakeholdersconcernedto plan a strategic digital transformation program for the year that serves Microsoft clients in the best way possible.
As more organizations accelerate their digital transformation efforts to meet business goals, those with the right strategy can instantly upgrade to meet customer needs. Our Microsoft learning solutions include skills plans on Microsoft Solution areas, including Apps & Infra and Data & AI, Modern Workplace and Security, as well as Business Apps. We have been named Microsoft Learning Partner of Year and awarded the Training Industry Inc Top 20 IT Training Company award for many years.
Let’s take a look at some success stories from NetCom Learning that have led to extensive digital transformations of organizations in different industries.
America’s Second Largest BankUpskilled in Microsoft Technologies
NetCom Learning provided a blended training solution that covered Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power Apps in order to improve the digital platform of America’s second-largest Bank. NetCom Learning trained the client’s IT and Business teams in Microsoft skills including Azure, Data Science, etc. and also upskilled more than 1200 employees to support over 15 million customers.
LAAS Solution for a Leading Health Services Innovation Company
NetCom Learning provided Learning-as-a-Servicesolution,wherein we trained the company’s IT professionals and supported their Cloud migration, deployment, and development decisions via our consulting service. Our training solution reduced the skill gap of nearly 600 employees and trained another 1200 viaDevDays. Our delivery of the project via Hybrid/Blended Learning Solutions supported the client’s changes and revolutionized healthcare innovation.
Smooth Cloud Migration for a Coffee Giant
This company was looking for a secure server and wanted to take advantage of theCloud’s wide range of solutions. The client needed to upskill its workforce to meet today’s technical requirements. NetCom Learning was chosen by the client as a Gold Learning Partner for Microsoft. NetCom Learning provided Microsoft Azure training and helped the client transition smoothly to the Cloud.
A Prominent Industrial Manufacturer Benefits from Blended Learning
Thisclientwas looking for an effective training solution fortheiremployeesthat would help themto optimize new technologyandimprove overall productivity.NetComLearning’s BlendedLearning solutionallowed a smooth transition from Lotus to MS Outlook and trained3,000 employeesonMicrosoft OutlookEssentialsacross36 different locations.
NetCom Learning is thrilled to be part of the new-age digital success stories at DTA. We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet with Microsoft executives and partners for ideas. Come join us at the event to learn more about our Microsoft skilling plans for technologies such as Azure and Dynamics 365. Assist organizations in their digital transformation journey.
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