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How to Manage Stakeholders (With Kelly Suter from Mirum Agency) – Digital Project Manager

This podcast is part a published article on The Digital Project Manager. You can read the entire article here.
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Audio Transcription:
Ben Aston:
The DPM podcast is where we go beyond the theory to offer advice that works for leading better digital project. Thank you for listening. Ben Aston is the founder of Digital Project Manager. We all know that projects would be easier to deliver if we didn’t have to worry so much about clients or stakeholders. They are there, no matter how much you love or hate them. The project would not be possible without them. They are the ones who will pay for it.
Our only option is to find a better method to manage stakeholders to help us do our best work. Listen to this podcast about managing stakeholders to learn how to turn them into project mates and show them the love.
Today, I am joined by Kelly Suter, a fan favorite. She is a fan favorite and has moved. You may have seen her on the videocast, but she is now an executive producer at Mirum Agency. This is a huge deal. This was discussed in the videocast. If you haven’t seen our videocast, you can search YouTube for the Digital Project manager to find out more about Kelly’s crazy executive producer role. Kelly, tell us about your new gig.
Kelly Suter
It’s going great. It’s been about two to three months now. I can’t even keep track. It feels like it’s going 100 miles per hour, but it’s actually going very well. There is a lot going on. I have inherited a large project. You inherit all the processes that were Frankensteined by each of your producers or project managers. It’s been a challenging experience for me. I enjoy a challenge so it’s a good challenge for me.
Ben Aston:
Nice. This is a great question to ask people. What advice would you give yourself? What advice would you give yourself?
Kelly Suter
Right. I think I would go back to tell myself that you won’t learn everything and that you will never know all the answers. I thought that I would be able to learn the process from the start of my project management career. I would then just continue applying the process until I was comfortable with it. The reality is that this process is constantly evolving. This is why I believe is able and thriving with project mangers all over the world, just talking about their experiences. I would say to myself, be comfortable with being uncomfortable. There’s always something new.
Ben Aston:
Yeah. Yes.

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