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AWS Marketplace Announces the Launch of a Top Health Care Automation Platform

Madaket Health’s provider-data management (PDM), platform is now available on the AWS Marketplace. It is used by more than 80 percent of U.S-based health service providers.
This month’s announcement means that health care organizations that have all or part their infrastructures in the Amazon Web Services (AWS cloud) now have easy access one of the most-used transaction management platforms in the medical industry.
Madaket CEO Eric Demers stated that “By leveraging AWS we’re in able to extend our offering to an audience looking to reduce administrative work through additional simplification through automation.” He made this prepared statement last week.
Madaket’s PDM platform is designed to simplify everyday tasks in health care administration. This includes licensing, payer enrollment and credentialing, as well as provider profile management. Providers will save time and money. Madaket’s platform promises to automate complex workflows, give access to real-time payer and provider data, and ultimately reduce the time and cost of key administrative tasks in health care.
Madaket cofounder and chief product officer Ted Achtem explained the platform’s purpose. “Less time should go into licensing, profile management, credentialing and other administrative tasks that can be automated by a single provider data management platform.”
Madaket’s platform can be accessed via AWS Marketplace here through a subscription model.

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